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How To Get Blog Traffic – 11 Proven Ways To Build Quality Traffic

”Do your blog generates sufficient traffic to engage”? 

I don’t mean to the audience. I say with the community that regularly read, share and engages with your content, and determine to continue the flow of traffic to your blog. Do you have that sort of traffic on your blog?

I know what your answer is, but next, to all, traffic is necessary to grow your blog. For that kind of traffic, you need to build a robust relationship with your audience. Yes, I’m honest. Developing a connection with your readers is an essential part of growing your blog traffic.
How To Get Blog Traffic – 11 Proven Ways To Build Quality Traffic
Most of the bloggers on the internet are struggling to drive that kind of traffic to their blog. They try to use almost every option to build this sort of traffic and lastly quit, only a few of them get success. Why this happens, because they don’t do it in a right way.

So, how can you build that solid traffic to your blog? What are the suggestions? What I am dying to tell you is that the whole secret in the below post just read it slowly and understand each point mention in the post and take the reference of links.

Here are those tips, which help you to grow stronger blog traffic on your blog.


Do you know guest blogging is most useful and proven traffic driving techniques used by many blogger and SEO firms to drive traffic? Here is a most amazing way to get famous on the internet and build authority. It also helps you to drive a massive amount of traffic to your blog. The guest blogging helps you get ranked better in the search engine and drive traffic to your blog.

Guest blogging is a longtime beneficial process and provides you quality backlinks to your blog. What you only need to do is, provide a quality and original contents to other bloggers and then see the magic of guest blogging.

Some Tips: Search Google with the following queries

  • “Keyword” + “guest post.”
  • “Keyword”+ “write for us.”
  • “Keyword” + “This post was written by.”
  • title: guest post guidelines
  • title: guest blog guidelines


Forums are great to drive traffic and have multiple topics that you have an interest. You can select any item listed in the forum and start posting the answer by solving other user’s query. You can also start your thread or discussion if you have any problem and looking for the reply from smart peoples to help you.

To participate in the forums, you have to register with it and have to create a profile of yourself with your website address, which is linked back to your site. You can use your website or content links in discussion or thread if it’s necessary and related to the discussion topic.

Never try to spam with users for traffic or you with getting blocked by the forum admin. By participating in forums, you can build relations with users by solving their problems and divert them to your website for more.

List of some forums:


Content marketing communities are best to promote your content and drive traffic to a website. The content available in communities is bringing from a different site by various users. Many users used content marketing communities to promote their content on their website, and some users promote content their interest by others website.

To get started with content marketing communities, you have to get registered with them, and then you can start posting your content in the community.

You can up vote, down vote or comment on others share content. These communities can bring a significant amount of traffic if your content gets famous in the community. For that, you have to submit your best content and have to promote it.

List of content marketing communities


The building Email list is a part of email marketing strategy. An actively build email list can send you thousands of daily visits to your site. Email lists most beneficial for traffic and has long lasting effect till you have solidly build email subscribers with your website.

There are many email marketing services available. You can choose either free or paid service like Feedburner, Aweber, MailChimp, get a response, etc. But I strongly suggest you that go with paid services like Aweber and GetResponse; they have many great features like auto-responder, A/B testing, custom HTML and text emails, etc.

Start building your email list from day one. It is a great way for traffic driving as well as affiliate marketing to earn some extra revenue. Many websites are using this email building strategy to drive traffic to their websites.

Top tools to build your email list:


Social bookmarking websites are great to drive traffic to your website. There are many social bookmarking website options available to get started with but get registered with few a popular bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc. They have a strong build user database and provide a high traffic to your website if your content is great and if it gets the top on the website.

I strongly recommend you to search for power influence on those social bookmarking websites and make relations with them, because content shared by them goes up quickly and provide thousands of daily visitors to the website quickly. Suggest them your great content and tell them to share your content on bookmarking website it will help.


Most of the blogger use social media to promote their content and build a relationship with others. There are several social media alternatives open for you to join, but I strongly recommend you to join Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. These popular social media’s are used by many bloggers. You can easily search and connect with those bloggers.

You can build the relationship with them by commenting and sharing their posts; you can also ask them to look at your content and tell to promote. These social media’s have many benefits to bloggers. You can use it as you want.


Facebook groups are an excellent way to collaborate with others at one place. To get started, you only have to join and start sharing whatever content you want to share with others. Facebook groups are a fantastic place to share and promote your content online. You can also start your groups and start inviting peoples’ to get participated in content to share. For taking part in Facebook groups created by the admin, you have to follow their group’s rules.

There are many useful groups available to join like SEO groups, blogging groups, affiliate groups, social media groups, etc. You can join any of them by searching it on Facebook.


You all know that Pinterest is a fastest growing social networking website. It allows you to pin your website images and videos in a board format. Pictures or videos pinned from your website goes viral by repining and provides you a massive amount of traffic to your blog or website. Follow other bloggers and influencers on Pinterest to make relations with them.

Participate in Pinterest group boards. It is a unique feature provided by Pinterest to invite and contributes others to share images and videos at a once place. Pinterest group boards are like Facebook groups and made in collaboration with a community.


Content syndication websites are great to promote your content and drive traffic to your blog. These websites are coming on strong in recent years. To participate in the content syndication website you have to get registered with them and provide your website or feed address to them. After getting registering and submitting your web or feed address, website starts showing your content on their site.

These websites can automatically update your content on their website, and you don’t have to do anything. This is a great and a way to drive traffic to your website. And get noticed by other by writing and promoting great content.

List of content syndication website


Blogging communities are great to build a relationship with others and drive traffic to your website. You can register with them and start participating in the blogging community. You have to submit your post to those communities and it will help you to get your content goes viral and shared on social media. It is a great option to drive traffic to a website.

List of blogging communities


There are many documents sharing website available to share documents. You can also embed those documents on your website. It is an excellent way to publish, share and drive traffic to your website by uploading and to promote your document to document sharing website. For sharing your document on that website you have to register with them first. You can also follow other bloggers and influencers on that website if they have registered with them.

List of documents sharing websites


Driving traffic to your website is an essential part of building your website or online brand. If you know the proper ways to get it done, no one can stop you from getting succeeded. Tips and reference provided in this contents and given best of my knowledge and proper research. I hope you may get benefited from this website to build an active website or brand.

If you feel this post is useful, then please don’t forget to share it with your communities or friend circles. Most you share most others get benefited from it.