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CEO of Skimbox, an Indian Digital Agency based out of Bengaluru, Aman Shams wears many hats as an experienced Digital Marketer, Affiliate expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Consultant, and Trainer. Started as a teenager, he excelled in making money online doing SEO, SEM, and SMM. Now he runs a digital marketing company full time and helps start-ups maximize their marketing and sales through web and mobile.

Also, Aman is a mentor to many bloggers, affiliate marketing beginners, and web entrepreneurs. For him, Entreprenuership is all about giving everything you have when going gets tough and never giving up.









I focus on doing things rather than talking and thinking about them. The web works mystically, and the challenge is to adapt to the new culture shifts that we see dynamically. With a vast experience and in-depth understanding, I learn about it quickly and help my clients too.

Web Desgining Skills
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With rich experience in search engine optimization and marketing of more than five years thus helping me to give growth in business and increase company’s profit.

Not happy with your current web look and feel? Get it revamped today.With the best effort and design, I can make your website as much professional as it should be and helps you to maintain a great experience for your audience.

For a business, the most important meal of it is the marketing. With maximum capability and being expertise in marketing, I can expand business with latest marketing strategies and skills. Enjoy more customers by tapping into sources you are unaware of.








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2011 was a tough year for me. Without realizing, I started early on towards the path of becoming an Entrepreneur.I started my Entrepreneurial journey at a tender age of 15. We glamorize the life of an entrepreneur, but what we don’t often enough talk about is the hardships faced by them. I too faced many challenges and hurdles, many highs and lows, in my life but I always did what I wanted to do.There is a famous proverb “When life gives you a lemon make lemonade” but what happens when you don’t even have the lemon? Well, yeah similarly I started my work with absolutely nothing. I was a normal school going guy, who doesn’t even know the meaning of an Entrepreneur. Since I was a technology lover from my teen days, I slowly started realizing about my marketing qualities and skills when I started my first business by selling VPN’s just for INR 300.

Later in 2012, I overworked to acquire marketing skills. I commenced building many websites and selling them to blackhat world and various other forums. I was also a moderator in few India based forums.  I also initiated a business of making marketing videos for my clients. As we know that nothing can be achieved overnight, likewise my marketing skills gradually kept on developing through my hard work and effort. I continued learning from every failure, and every ups and down. I started facing challenges and most importantly, I realized that there are no shortcuts to Entrepreneurial Success.

Well, It was just off year for me, I did nothing on this year except concentrating on my previous regular work.

2014 was the most significant year of my life. I started affiliate marketing and learned to create sale funnel which enhanced my marketing skills. I started selling other’s products by promoting it through affiliation. Promptly, I recognized that it was a great platform for earning substantial revenue and I boosted up my income like never before. There was not a single day when I didn’t earn 1000 INR, and I started helping my family. I also joined and helped my dad in few offline business. My dad is also a business person, and luckily, I inherited business skills from my father. Meantime, With affiliate marketing, I also kept on growing my SEO skills to get ranked on Google SERP’S. After some time, I ended up ranking on the first page by applying my SEO expertise and lots of efforts.

2015  made a drastic difference in my life. I learned to face my problems, and I pushed myself to accept challenges because that is what makes life interesting and brings opportunities. A huge difference came in my life when I was in 12th grade and had a compartment in mathematics, and I got study gap for a year, and that is when I understood that I don’t want to be a work bee because I want to become an Entrepreneur. I  took my problem more as an opportunity. I seized the moment, learned hustle and focused on possibilities rather than problems. I learned many new things like domain marketing, reselling expired domain. I improved my affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and SEO skills. I also started few valuable blogs like, and my revenue was multiplying amazingly. I started gaining recognition, attention, and fame. I attended many meetings and also initiated branding myself towards the end of the year. In late 2015, I already had plenty of upcoming ventures in my hand.

2016 is a pleasant year for me. I got a great response from people around me. Being a high school dropout, It wasn’t an easy task for me. Initially, I was sad and depressed, but my family always supported me in every way my life. Soon I started working, even more, harder with passion and determination. Fortuitously, I got the opportunity to give speeches in few small colleges and even my school. Through my abilities, I helped several startup companies to heighten and amplify the growth of their business. I further taught Internet marketing to many people. I was a part of an event management company and an SEO consultant in Zicamp web service company which is located in Bengaluru. Furthermore, I also intended to start a digital marketing company of my own. As everyone knows starting an own company is a challenging endeavor but with high confidence I accomplished my dream by becoming the CEO of my company “Skimbox.” In my Entrepreneurial journey from nothing to being a CEO, I learned to answer the toughest boss of life – Myself.

I am looking ahead to make 2017 a successful year.I am planning to be a part of product startups, and also excited to attend meetings both inside and outside India. My team and I are working hard to make “Skimbox” the best digital marketing company in India. We believe in providing our customers with best products and services as we understand that they are not mere a single transaction, they are the one who trusts us, and it is our commitment to provide our real clients with real products and services. We also intend to create parts of “Skimbox” in Mumbai and Delhi and undertake active and genuine work to make our customers happy with our excellent service.


Hey! Are you looking for free Digital Marketing services? Here I am with a wide range of services for our customers. I desire to serve you best with my top notch services and help you to make more money. My services include Free Mobile Optimization, Free SEO Consultancy, Backlink Reports, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Page Speed Optimization and Mobile Web Optimization. Through my services I assure my customers to help them to grow their business smartly and help you to rank higher in SERPs. Have you enrolled yet?



Starting a business is a challenging endeavour, and Milestones are vital to be formed to draw up business strategies for new ventures. The long-term vision is very crucial for a successful business and its growth and survival. We aim to make “Skimbox” the best digital marketing company in India. My team and I are working actively to accomplish our goals. We are striving to provide best products and services to our Customers and also assist them in amplifying the growth of their business. We are always there to help our clients to support them with our best service and assistance to make them happy. We believe in making long term relationships and not invoices.


Small opportunities are often the steps to achieve great success in life. According to me, the foundation of achievements and success rests upon a belief in yourself, determination, hardcore hustling and finding possibilities. Being an Entrepreneur, we should face challenges, take risks, and should never quit. We often glamorize the life of an Entrepreneur but what we don’t often enough talk about is the difficulties and risks faced by them. Similarly, I have also met many hurdles in my entrepreneurial journey, but I invariably kept on hustling and achieved significant success in my life.


I am also proposing the idea of product startup to establish a good business in India and to earn a significant revenue of it. I also intend to open branches of ” Skimbox” in other cities like Delhi and Mumbai. I desire to visit many places within and outside India to promote my business globally. I will also love to collaborate with other Entrepreneurs and grow our business together. My team and I are also working intensely to drive maximum growth in our business, to approach billion of customers, and to take their business to heights of success.


With my high-level SEO skills, I have ranked many websites, bought massive traffic into it, and also ranked in many tough business keywords. I have been a part of many startup companies in Bengaluru and helped them to boost up their growth by my advanced skills. I am also an SEO consultant in ZiCamp web service company which is established in Bengaluru. I love giving speeches and had got the opportunity to give the speech in few small colleges including my school and many more communities. I have taught Internet Marketing to many people and loved to share, and spread brand-new skills and techniques related to SEO and Internet marketing. My God gifted marketing skills helped me to induce growth to many companies and improve their sales effectively. I had collaborations with several large enterprises including I have also been part of many event management companies in Bengaluru including

I’m the one who drives himself when everybody gets tired. Let’s move ahead and grow the business together.


Selling is not taught in any conventional environment. But with my online courses and 1-to-1 pieces of training you can master the art of selling and become a pro at Affiliate Marketing. The money you can make as an affiliate marketer is over $10000 a month easily. I’ll walk you through the basics to advanced level. Finding the right products, making a dent in your niche by selling and getting high commissions is what you will learn from me.

Are you unable to rank your web page? Join my special SEO and SEM training to fulfill your web ranking goals and achieve income milestones that others can only dream about. I will guide you regarding On-Page, Off-Page optimization and also help you create a kickass web presence. Promote your products and services as an individual or brand by honing your marketing skills with my five years experience, tips, and tricks.

Want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur? Domain Marketing is your best route. Learn about buying domains that matter and how to sell them at high prices. I will train you and teach you how to bid for domains, attend online auctions, get expired domains, calculating the worth of any domain you come across and hidden secrets that I know.

Want to share your ideas and skills with the world online? It is 2017 and blogging is not just your online diary entry. It is a business, and you have to learn the art of creating it. Also, generate income from your blogging activities is a whole new chapter that we guide you. Our course on blogging touches upon how to create the valuable blog that can become an extension of yourself and you can be proud of it.

I am an artist and understand why being creative is important for every brand. Get all the help you need learning graphic design and training for the next creative milestone you want to achieve. I will teach you all the latest tools and make you familiar with the business side of graphic designing as well. You can make a living while traveling the world as a freelance graphic designer.

One of the hottest positions in the entire recruitment scene is a social media marketer. Why? Everyone needs someone who can manage, create and promote products, brands, and services on social media. Learn different platforms in and out with a deep understanding of consumer behavior on each. Creating ads and posts is one thing but increasing your reach organically and helping more customers is the secret sauce I will teach you.



digital marketer knows how to improve your exposure online. With the appropriate knowledge about Search engine optimization, online reputation management and much more, a marketer can set your website’s pages high on search results and help you close more deals.

Digital marketing is better than the traditional methods of marketing and yields more results with fewer investments.  Right from designing your website in the proper manner, up to publishing the ideal content on it, ranking it up to moderating comments and online reputation, an experienced digital marketer can handle it all with ease.

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